Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Comedy DVDs of 2011

It's a bit too miserable outside to be going anywhere right now. And seen as you've probably spent enough time over Christmas getting that mould of your ass in the couch just right, you might as well stay there and watch some funny people say funny stuff on your TV. We threw a lot of top 10's at you over the holiday season, Top 10 YouTube clips, Mike shared his  top 5 movies of 2011, there were popular Top 10's in music as well as ones in theatre. But if you're in the market to buy yourself a decent comedy dvd, this list's definitely worth a goo. As per Chortle  and the British Video Association, here be the Bestselling DVDs of 2011.

1 Peter Kay Live: The Tour That Didn't Tour

2 Lee Evans: Roadrunner Live At The O2

3 John Bishop Live: The Sunshine Tour

4 Alan Carr: Spexy Beast Live

5 Micky Flanagan: The Out Out Tour Live

6 Sarah Millican: Chatterbox Live

7 Comedy Superstars 2011

8 Russell Howard: Right Here Right Now

9 John Bishop: Elvis Has Left The Building

And for some reason, the Official Charts Company classes these DVD's under 'special interest' so oddly enough, Jeremy Clarkson's DVD has found it's way onto this list. There has to have been a 10th stand up with a DVD more successful and more funny thant his? Sad times.
10 Clarkson: Powered Up

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