Friday, January 20, 2012


This episode of BMF is called Comet Tail cuz Haley has got quite the tail on her. It possibly be considered a comet to some indigenous tribes out there due to its fantastic size! I mean Ms. Hollister is a cute lil mamacita and she loves to get right in to it. Thats what I love about the new chicks in the game. They have a lot to prove and show off like its their last chance to fuck someone before they die. Something like that. Haley straight grabs the unsuspecting dudes pants and drags him to the bathroom for a lil privacy. These two end up fucking on the sink, the shower and the floor. Dirty lil birds these two! Enjoy!

Format: wmv

Resolution: 640×480
Size: 221 Mb
File Length: 00:20:24


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